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Our offering

Your partner for growth

Realise your sportsbook ambitions with a trusted partner and grow your business faster than you think.

Kambi is the leading supplier of online and land-based Sportsbooks to the regulated sports gambling and gaming industry.

We power some of the biggest brands in the industry, both in the US and in Europe, Kambi delivering scalable, unique, high-quality sports betting experiences.

Whether in a casino, racino or on mobile, Kambi can provide players with a seamless omni-channel experience that drives acquisition and boosts retention.

Kambi's Sportsbook comes with a range of managed services to ensure your sports betting business can fulfil its potential.

Our areas of expertise

Online sports betting

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Land based sports betting

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Player Account Management

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Online sports betting

Kambi's service includes managed services as standard

Kambi’s flexible product and service model has already integrated with a wide variety of platforms, both third-party and proprietary platforms. Our agnostic approach ensures operators have the freedom to operate the platform which best serves their needs, with Kambi boasting a track record of quick and unproblematic integrations with platforms of all types.

UserInterface Third-party integration Web / player behaviour / analytics Open APIs RiskManagement VIP management Business Intelligence Reporting Sportsbook Compliance Integrity monitoring Player safety / responsible gambling Customer service assistance Pricingand trading Office data feeds Visualisation Land-based / on property digital signage Technologyplatform Hosting IT support Player account platform support Marketingsupport Acquisition and retention Full bonusing options PR content generation Kambi Managed Service
Third-party integration Web / player behaviour / analytics Open APIs User Interface VIP management Business Intelligence Reporting Risk Management Integrity monitoring Player safety / responsible gambling Customer service assistance Sportsbook Compliance Office data feeds Visualisation Land-based / on property digital signage Pricing and trading Hosting IT support Player account platform support Technology platform Acquisition and retention Full bonusing options PR content generation Marketing support Kambi Managed Service

Land-based sports betting

The full land-based sports betting experience optimised for omni-channel

Whether it’s on web, mobile or in land-based casinos and racinos, Kambi provides an entertaining sports betting experience optimized for omni-channel.

From over the counter betting, to bring-your-own-device, to our fully customisable self-service betting terminals, Kambi offers land-based operators of all shapes and sizes a Sportsbook solution for the modern-day player.

Kambi’s land-based Sportsbook solution has already been successfully deployed in regulated markets including Mexico and Belgium.


With a track record of proven excellence in online and on-property sportsbook provision, Kambi is the partner operators can trust to provide the technology and services required to deliver a scalable and high-performance sportsbook that out-competes the market. A sportsbook that offers meaningful scope for differentiation while at the same time optimising margin and player retention.

On the surface, there may be little noticeable difference between a good sportsbook and an excellent one. However, providing a first-class sports betting experience, with a uniform standard of high-quality delivery, requires a powerful core able to process high volumes of data and a supply chain capable of delivering on all levels. This begins with the integration of official data partners and proven algorithms that process the data, followed by excellence in trading and risk, which must all be supplied through a fast, stable and intuitive frontend. Only when these elements are working in harmony can an operator begin to deliver a best-in-class service.

Kambi’s experience and expertise in compliance enables us to deliver this service to meet the needs of today’s highly regulated market, giving our partners security of supply and peace of mind. In addition, our 24/7 sportsbook control team ensures all matters concerning sports integrity are handled proactively and swiftly, protecting our partners, their players and the sports we love. 

Kambi have been top notch so far. We are very excited and happy with how everything is going.

Gavin Mercado, Executive Director, Seneca Gaming Corporation

We just went through a process and we decided that Kambi was the best platform for us from a trading services standpoint. So we feel great about Kambi being a partner.

Jay Snowden, CEO, Penn National Gaming

They are able to differentiate their product to cater to the Colombian need. This makes us more confident in Kambi being our partner for the long term.

German Segura, CEO, BetPlay

Our expertise

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    Transforming the player experience

    The Kambi sportsbook brings online pace to the retail space. On-property players receive just the same speed, breadth of options and deep in-play options they do betting online, with players from Europe, to the US, to Asia, all benefiting from the Kambi retail experience.

    A key component of our land-based offering is the Kambi kiosk, which has built a reputation for consistent player engagement in high-volume, terminal-based retail environments across the globe.

    In the US, our kiosks have proved transformative to the manner which people choose to bet. With hundreds in operation across the country, they currently drive more than 80% of wagers at our partners’ casinos. The traditional casino sportsbook has not been conducive to the fast-paced nature of in-play betting, but through the Kambi kiosk casino patrons can now quickly get their bets down on the next three-pointer in basketball or result of current drive in NFL.

    Elevating the casino floor

    Furthermore, our unique Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology enables bettors to view lines and construct bets anywhere, before scanning them in at a kiosk or counter using a QR code – thereby keeping physical touchpoints to a minimum.

    Particularly effective in states where online wagering is not yet regulated, many of our partners are seeing up to 40% of on-property bets being placed using the technology, and alongside the Kambi kiosk our BYOD makes the sportsbook more inviting, quickens the player journey and thereby optimises turnover.
    We work closely with our partners to deliver a bespoke, targeted blend of kiosks and over-the-counter services alongside modern digital signage, enabling our partners to leverage the power of their brands to drive greater share of wallet. 

    For land-based casinos, the Kambi sportsbook has been shown to produce a sportsbook halo effect, elevating every aspect of the casino floor and increasing revenues across not just sports betting but also gaming and hospitality.  


    Differentiation where it matters

    Kambi understands the need for operators to be themselves, that’s why at the core of Kambi’s online offering is the ability to differentiate, enabling partners to be true to their brand and distinct from their competitors. 

    Whether this is through creating a unique front-end through Kambi’s open API’s, adapting odds to suit local markets or utilising a range of marketing tools designed to acquire and retain players, Kambi partners have all the tools they need to realise their sports betting ambitions and become market leaders. 

    Sportsbook with substance

    Our powerful sportsbook core provides the platform upon which this can take place. Processing well in excess of half a billion transactions every month - on a technical platform which can be tailored to meet any local regulatory requirements, and in an environment that demands uptime 24/7 and 365 days a year - Kambi provides its partners with a sportsbook which can be relied upon to be available at all times. 

    Stability even during significant spikes in volume is a hallmark of Kambi’s offering, with a robustness and sophistication under the hood that cannot be underestimated.

    Kambi recognises the value of inch-by-inch gains, and our commitment to continuously improving our products and services, combined with our understanding that minor adjustments can deliver major results, helps us to most effectively optimise our partners’ online performance. It is a key reason why operators across the globe are looking to join the industry’s premium sports betting network.


    Kambi powers market leading brands across the world, using industry leading technology overseen by some of the brightest minds in sports and technology to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience - one that drives acquisition, boosts retention and ultimately springboards visionary operators to success across the globe, whatever the channel.

    Our partners are able to cost-efficiently offer end users a premium sportsbook – one that delivers a best-in-class experience across mobile, online and retail. Our offering can be seamlessly integrated onto existing player loyalty schemes, and our ability to offer complete control over all player-facing elements gives our partners the opportunity to develop tailored products and functionality best suited to their end users and target market, confident that Kambi will look after the rest.


    Case Studies

    BetPlay CEO on Kambi and Colombian market leadership

    BetPlay has been a Kambi partner since 2017, enjoying rapid growth to become one of the most popular sports betting brands in the regulated Colombian market. We spoke to BetPlay CEO German Segura shortly before renewing with Kambi in 2020, taking a look at the operator’s rise to become the leading sportsbook in Colombia.

    Watch here

    Introduction to Kambi

    A brief introduction to Kambi, covering what we do and who we work with. Partner with confidence. Partner with Kambi. Reach new heights and join the industry’s premium sports betting network.

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    On-property launch

    Kambi has a noteworthy background of on-property success, and consistently delivers and supports smooth, swift launches for our partners. Click here for a look at the launch of the Parx Casino sportsbook in Philadelphia, featuring 18 Kambi kiosks and a 156-foot HD media wall.

    Watch here

    Power of the network

    Kambi is the industry’s premium sports betting network. Data and insights into market movements and player behaviour from across every market in which Kambi operates are used to inform our strategy and benefit our service. Kambi has been trading sports and developing technology for more than two decades, and our extensive experience in regulated markets across six continents help us to best deploy our expertise and technology for new and existing partners.

    A fully managed service

    Kambi takes care of the day-to-day operation of the Sportsbook so you don’t have to. From pricing and risk management, to integrity monitoring and customer services support, Kambi has it covered.

    Removing this essential but burdensome work provides operators with the freedom to focus on their strategic planning and execution, and on areas which provide true differentiation.

    Kambi understands it only succeeds if its operators do. That’s why we work closely with you, sharing our Sportsbook knowledge and expertise to ensure a true partnership. As well as strategic advice, we offer our range of managed services as standard, at no extra cost.

    Who Kambi works with

    Kambi’s flexible product and service model has already integrated with a wide variety of platforms, both third-party and proprietary platforms. Our agnostic approach ensures operators have the freedom to operate the platform which best serves their needs, with Kambi boasting a track record of quick and unproblematic integrations with platforms of all types.