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Corporate governance

Kambi is listed on the First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. In line with First North rules, the Company is not required to apply the principles of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and/or Maltese Corporate Governance Code (the Code). The Board however recognises the importance and value of good corporate governance practice and accordingly has selected those procedures and committees of the Code they consider relevant and appropriate to the Group, given its size and structure.

    The Audit Committee - is responsible for ensuring that the financial performance of the group is properly reported on and monitored and for meeting the auditors and reviewing the reports from the auditors relating to accounts and internal control systems. It meets at least once a year with the auditors. The Audit Committee is comprised of and chaired by Patrick Clase.

    The Remuneration Committee - reviews the performance of the senior managers and sets and reviews the scale and structure of their remuneration, the basis of their remuneration and the terms of their service agreements with due regard to the interests of shareholders. The Remuneration Committee is comprised of Anders Ström and Lars Stugemo and is chaired by Anders Ström.

    The Nomination Committee - is responsible for reviewing the size, structure and composition of the Board, succession planning, the appointment of replacement and/or additional directors and for making the appropriate recommendations to the Board. The Committee also prepares proposals regarding Board remuneration and fees to the Auditor. The members of the Nomination Committee shall represent all shareholders and be appointed by the three or four largest shareholders as at 30 September each year, having expressed their willingness to participate in the Committee. Kambi's Nomination Committee shall consist of not less than four and not more than five members, of which one shall be the Chairman of the Board. The members for the 2019 AGM are: Anders Ström — Veralda Investment Ltd, Lars Stugemo — Chairman of the Board, Per Johansson —  Bodenholm Capital and Mathias Svensson — Keel Capital. The Committee is chaired by Anders Ström.

    Group structure

    The Company’s Board of Directors consists of five members, including the Chairman of the Board.


    Lars Stugemo (Chairman)

    (Swedish, born 1961)

    Lars has been CEO and President of HiQ International since February 2000. HiQ is an IT and management consultancy firm, founded in 1995, with Lars as one of the co-founders. HiQ is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm midcap. Lars has been a member of IVA (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien) and VI since 2013. Lars holds a MSc Electronics Engineering from KTH.

    Lars Stugemo holds 30,130 shares in the Company.

    Board member since: Incorporation

    Independent: Yes


    Anders Ström

    (Swedish, born 1970)

    After studying Mathematics, Statistics and Economics at Karlstad University, Anders founded Trav- och Sporttjänst AB in 1993. Anders also founded Unibet Group plc in 1997. He has held various positions in Unibet, as Managing Director, CEO, Business Development Director, Chairman and Director. He was a partner and member of the Advisory Board of Hattrick 2008-2012 with a focus on the business development of and Anders was the co-founder of Kambi in 2010.

    Anders Ström holds 7,403,564 shares in the Company.

    Board member since: Incorporation

    Independent: No


    Patrick Clase

    (Swedish, born 1968)

    Patrick is Chief Investment Officer and director of Anders Ström Investeringsaktiebolag. Amongst other positions held, Patrick has worked as a Financial Analyst with ABG Sundal Collier, Alfred Berg and is experienced in Swedish financial markets. Patrick holds a BSc in Economics from Lund University and a CEFA from the Stockholm School of Economics. 

    Patrick Clase holds 31,119 shares in the Company.

    Board member since: Incorporation

    Independent: No


    Marlene Forsell

    (Swedish, born 1976)

    Marlene most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of Swedish Match, a global fast-moving consumer goods company within tobacco. Prior to becoming CFO, Marlene Held various positions at Swedish Match and worked before that as analyst at Ernst & Young. Marlene has a MSc in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Marlene joined the Kambi board in November 2018.

    Marlene Forsell holds 1,700 shares in the company.

    Board member since: 2018

    Independent: Yes


    Cecilia de Leeuw

    (Swedish, born 1968)

    Cecilia de Leeuw is currently Vice President Sales and Head of Telecom Services at Tieto Sweden AB. Before joining Tieto in 2018, she was with Ericsson AB where she held various senior leadership positions since 1995, most recently as VP Sales in Canada for Ericsson North America. Cecilia has vast experience from complex system sales and global product management, including postings in Asia and North America.

    Cecilia has an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Institute of Technology in Linköping, Sweden.

    Cecilia de Leeuw holds no shares in the Company.

    Board member since: 2019

    Independent: Yes

    Kristian Nylén

    Kristian Nylén

    Chief Executive Officer

    Formerly a real estate analyst at Catella and Ernst & Young, Kristian followed his interest in sports to join Unibet in 2000. By 2003, he had assumed responsibility for the entire Sportsbook operation and was part of the Group management team. Kristian became CEO of Kambi upon its formation in 2010, and leads on all commercial aspects of the business.

    Born: 1970

    Employed by Kambi since 2010

    Education: BSc. Business Administration, Studies in Mathematics and Statisitcs from the University of Karlstad

    Kristian Nylén holds 465,000 shares and 350,000 options in the Company.


    Erik Lögdberg

    Erik Lögdberg

    Deputy CEO, Chief Business Development Officer

    Erik joined Unibet in 2005 where he quickly became head of live betting with responsibilities including operations and product development. This coincided with the growth in live betting and the formation of Kambi. Erik is now deputy CEO, and leads on product and operational matters.

    Born: 1979

    Employed at Kambi since 2010

    Education: MSc. Electrical Engineering From the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

    Erik Lögdberg holds 66,993 shares and 130,000 options in the Company.

    David Kenyon

    David Kenyon

    Chief Financial Officer

    David qualified at KPMG and joined Unibet in 2002 as Group Financial Controller, working on Unibet’s NASDAQ OMX Stockholm listing. He then spent two years at the Capital Pub Company as CFO, where he floated the Company on AIM, before moving back to Unibet in 2008. David has been CFO of Kambi since its formation.

    Born: 1975

    Employed at Kambi since 2010

    Education: MA. in Modern Languages from Oxford University

    David Kenyon holds 42,330 shares and 87,500 options in the Company.

    Cecilia Wachtmeister

    Cecilia Wachtmeister

    EVP Business & Group Functions 

    Cecilia was previously Vice President, Group Head of Sourcing and Procurement at Ericsson AB. She joined Ericsson in 1991 and has since then held various international positions in the company, with experience of long sales cycles in B2B.

    Born: 1966

    Employed by Kambi since 2019

    Education: MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Institute of Technology in Linköping, Sweden

    Nationality: Swedish 

    Cecilia Wachtmeister holds 7,500 shares and 67,500 options in the Company. 



    Andreas Söneby

    Andreas Söneby

    Chief Technology Officer

    Andreas is responsible for managing and developing Kambi’s technology and systems, ensuring they meet business objectives and have the capacity to handle fast-growing transactional volumes. Andreas was previously chief technology officer at Unibet, where he led the development of a B2B sports betting segment within the Group. This went on to become Kambi.

    Born: 1973

    Employed at Kambi since 2010

    Education: MSc. in Computer Science from the Royal Institue of Technology in Stockhom (KTH)

    Andreas Söneby holds 55,300 shares and 37,500 options in the Company.

    Chris Fox

    Chris Fox

    Chief Legal Officer

    Chris joined Kambi in 2016 and is responsible for the Legal, Insurance, Regulatory Audit, and Licensing functions. His team provides strategic and legal support to all areas of the business, including Marketing, KAM, IT, Sales and HR. Since joining Kambi, Chris has led on a number of change management programmes to stream-line legal processes, resulting in improved efficiency, cost savings and reduced risk. Chris previously worked as a strategy consultant and lawyer at Accenture plc, Eversheds LLP and Vodafone Group plc.

    Born: 1983

    Employed at Kambi since 2016

    Education: BA. Ancient History from the University of Durham

    Chris Fox holds 32,500 options in the Company.

    Christina Haralambous

    Christina Haralambous

    Chief Communications Officer

    As the steward of the Kambi brand, Christina is responsible for leading a team covering the brand strategy, internal and external communications, go-to-market strategy and implementation, event management, campaign management and CSR. She joined Kambi in 2016. Prior to joining Kambi, Christina gained more than 10 years of media, marketing and communications experience at WPP media agency MEC (now Wavemaker), Touchline media, TfL, Net#work BBDO, and TBWA.

    Born: 1982

    Employed at Kambi since 2016

    Education: PG DIP in Professional Marketing Management from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

    Christina Haralambous holds 30,000 options in the Company.

    Jonas Jansson

    Jonas Jansson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jonas joined Unibet almost two decades ago, becoming head of trading in 2003. He became COO of Kambi upon its formation in 2010. He leads all operational aspects of the Sportsbook, including pricing, risk management and market coverage. Jonas is also responsible for Kambi’s Sportsbook Operations team, which plays an active role in detecting and reporting suspicious betting activity.

    Born: 1969

    Employed at Kambi since 2010

    Education: BSc. in Business Administration, Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Karlstad and studies in Data and System Devlopment at Stockholm University

    Jonas Jansson holds 211,500 shares and 37,500 options in the Company.

    Kamil Gajewski

    Kamil Gajewski

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Kamil is responsible for driving and supporting the Kambi strategy, in terms both of its development and its progression. He also directs the provision of intelligence to inform the company’s strategic decisions. Kamil previously spent five years as Kambi’s head of business development and business intelligence. Prior to joining the company in 2011, Kamil had spells at gaming companies bwin and Ongame.

    Born: 1982

    Employed at Kambi since 2011

    Education: MSc. in Business Administration from Uppsala University

    Kamil Gajewski holds 15,417 shares and 30,000 options in the Company.

    Max Meltzer

    Max Meltzer

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Leading Kambi’s commercial division, Max is responsible for the formalisation, execution and development of Kambi’s commercial strategy focusing on new business growth and customer retention. Max joined Kambi in 2016 from the Press Association where he was Head of Sales. He was previously Co-Founder and Director of a successful sports agency representing Premier League footballers before selling his shares in 2014.

    Born: 1987

    Employed at Kambi since 2016

    Education: LLM Master of Laws Degree and BA (Hons) Business Degree from Durham University 

    Max Meltzer holds 32,500 options in the Company.

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